Rules for borrowers

Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute (VTI) Library Rules for Borrowers

Reg No: 302/98-15

Prior to a loan, each new borrower shall sign and submit to the VTI Library a declaration that he/she has taken note of the rules for borrowers and intends to abide by these rules.

The borrower must treat the library's property with care and protect it from damage. It is strictly forbidden to make marks in or deface books, or in any other way damage the pages. Marks made in pencil are also regarded as damage.

The number of reservations made by a borrower - or the number of volumes which are issued to one and the same borrower - may be limited after consultation with the borrower.

Each work that is issued on loan shall be registered in the loan system of the library.

A work may be borrowed on behalf of another person on presentation of an authorisation.

A work issued on loan shall not be transferred to another person.

If the borrower discovers damage to a work on loan, this shall be reported to the Library without delay.

The loan period is normally 28 days, but this can be shortened or extended.

When the Library requests the return of a loan after the expiry of the loan period, the borrower is obliged to return this without delay.

If the work on loan is damaged or if it is not returned, the borrower, irrespective of who is liable, is obliged to pay the cost of repairing the damage or for a replacement copy.

The borrower shall not him/herself repair the damage to the work on loan. If the borrower infringes this rule, he/she is liable in the same way as though the work on loan had been lost. The Library nevertheless keeps the damaged copy as its property. Normal wear and tear shall not be regarded as damage.

The compensation to be paid is the cost of replacing the item(s) as well as a handling charge of SEK 250 per item borrowed. If the item(s) is/are returned before the date on which the bill is due, a charge of SEK 100 will be made for each item which is overdue, with a maximum charge of SEK 500 per invoice.

If the sum due in accordance with the preceding rule has not been paid within the prescribed time, the Library shall demand payment or hand the matter over to a debt collection agency.

Any change of address or electronic mail address must be reported in person to the VTI Library.

Those who infringe the above rules or in spite of a warning continue to neglect their obligations to the Library may have their borrowing right, or the right to use the Library at all, revoked. The decision to issue a warning and/or ban shall be made by the chief librarian.
I, the undersigned, have taken note and received a copy of the rules for borrowers of the Library of VTI, and hereby undertake to abide by these rules and to keep informed of any changes and to follow those.

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Please note that we do not lend any material to persons living abroad. Please send the undersigned declaration to:

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